Cool fashion books – needed in your library

1. ELLEMENTS OF PERSONAL STYLE – this is a colorful book full of interesting details, private photographs of women it features and cool ideas for every style you could possibly imagine. The book presents 25 style icons – some well-known, some pretty unknown to me – and their style. Book is inspirational but it’s not really a reading material. It’s more like a thicker magazine with short texts, amazing pictures and a dynamic character. It is not a book that will knock you off your feet but I’m glad I got it because I got some pretty cool ideas out of it. For instance, having one key piece in your wardrobe that changes every look you wear, kind of like a staple piece but in many versions. Like a blazer/jacket – you can have five different edgy jackets and they can be your statement piece that changes every styling from dull to exceptional and unquestionably yours.

2. ALLURE, Diana Vreeland – I didn’t know what this book was about. I knew Diana Vreeland wrote it and I knew it was a famous old book that was recently republished. So I got it and was a bit disappointed. The book presents images that Mrs Vreeland choose to show what she believes is beauty and allure. The pictures are old and are done by some of the most famous photographers of the last century. Between these pics, Vreeland writes about her opinion of beauty, her vision of it and her connection with it. She names people she thinks were beautiful but not in a conventional way. She always sought something different, an extraordinary beauty we could say. The book is worth having but not as inspirational as I thought.

3. NINA GARCIA’S LOOKBOOK – Nina really knows how to write a cute and useful little book. This one is so far the best Nina’s book that I have read. It really has good advice, you may have heard some of them already if you read a lot of this kind of literature, but good fashion idea is always welcome. After I read it, I decided that the time has come for me to throw half of my clothes out of my closet and make a good shopping plan for next several years. I really need some serious style-rethinking. Nina also offers a lot of practical advice and expert ideas that everyone can use in their daily life. I heavily recommend this one to all fashion lovers.



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