Cool fashion books – needed in your library

1. ELLEMENTS OF PERSONAL STYLE – this is a colorful book full of interesting details, private photographs of women it features and cool ideas for every style you could possibly imagine. The book presents 25 style icons – some well-known, some pretty unknown to me – and their style. Book is inspirational but it’s not … Continue reading

Chloe Sevigny in Harper’s Bazaar

Chloe Sevigny always catches my eye. Her style and her overall attitude in editorials radiates such strong energy and statement, you simply cannot oversee it. This time, it was her editorial for Harper’s Bazaar that I spotted on their website. I don’t know which I like most: Chloe or the chlothes she wears. Chloe wears: … Continue reading

Fashion reads: How Luxury Lost Its Luster

I have already written in this blog how I think democracy is a funny thing. Even though we like it and cherish it because it gives us a free voice and many rights, it also gives it to everyone everywhere no matter what they want to say. The same goes with democracy in fashion. Fashion became available to … Continue reading

l’Amour Fou

Yesterday I’ve attended the premiere of L’Amour Fou, a documentary about YSL’s and Pierre Berge’s relationship and 50 year-long love. It was a movie that aimed at presenting YSL’s private life, personality and the side of him that wasn’t so visible and known to the public. For everyone, he was the master couturier, great designer who moved boundaries … Continue reading

February wishlist

I am a dreamer dreaming of many things. Sometimes I dream in big terms and sometimes those are very down to earth dreams, simple material wishes. This month I would really love to get a few cool items in my closet; beautiful Armani Jeans white shirt – I mean it is a dream white shirt, the … Continue reading

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