I would like to wear…

I’m so sick of my usual daily outfits. They are so plain. I realise I might be writing this in an exaggerated tone but I’m simply channeling how I feel. Discontent. I wore everything so many times. Each combination lacks flare, exceptionality and freshness. I need new stuff. Not that I don’t have anything to wear – I simply don’t like my choice anymore. I’ve felt this way many times, went shopping and again bought nothing satisfying. I can say I was shopping with no plan, without thinking about it thoroughly. So I stacked some more clothes that today fit the category “nice, but not what I wanted”. This category is taking over my closet.

Before doing anything else, I decided to find images that catch my eye and to revise them asking questions like “would I wear this?”, “where would I wear this to?” or “what do I like about this outfit?”. I did it and these questions really help to keep you focused. They help define the style I like most by outlining the key pieces, lines, silhouettes and details. I’ve realised that I like classic lines with a detail that makes the combination fresh and more attractive. For example, I love a well made suit with sleek pants and smart jacket. To avoid seriousness of this look I would wear it with an animal print or sheer blouse in a vivid color. Also, I love monochromatic dressing, but again, to avoid dullness of the look, I would wear different shades of the same color or different patterns to make it a bit more interesting. Sequins are also a cool way to lift the look.

To show what I WANT at the moment and what I WOULD REALLY WEAR if it were in my closet, I’ve chosen several pics:


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