Cool fashion books – needed in your library

1. ELLEMENTS OF PERSONAL STYLE – this is a colorful book full of interesting details, private photographs of women it features and cool ideas for every style you could possibly imagine. The book presents 25 style icons – some well-known, some pretty unknown to me – and their style. Book is inspirational but it’s not … Continue reading

my definition of glamour

I am a visual person, an aesthete that reacts to what I see, a dreamer that constantly seeks new inspiration. That is why I’ve fallen in love with fashion, fashion photography and all things glamour. In my head I constantly see images of the Riviera poolside glamour, champagne parties, offices filed with stylish businesswomen, loud … Continue reading

exceptional “backstage” women of fashion

I read a lot of fashion books, articles and blogs and I often come across women who were exceptional for true fashion insiders but others, the shallow crowd who don’t see past runways and Anna Wintour, haven’t really heard of them. Too bad for them. These women were patrons of fashion. They often enabled young designers … Continue reading

The Art of Scrapbook

Scrapbook is something I’ve been keeping for a long, long time. My scrapbook is full of pictures I cut out off magazines, street style looks, campaigns, editorials… many, many details. Basicaly anything that catches my eye ends up in it. Few days ago I decided to re-do it meaning I’m going to cut everything out and … Continue reading

we could all use some colour

Even though I’m one of the black aesthetics fans, I do believe colorful dressing is the cool way to go. I love how some women do it (think Samantha jones of SATC). Colour lifts you up, gets you attention and causes everyone to gasp and and look at you respectfully (that is if you choose … Continue reading

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