wearing white

Is there a colour that radiates glamour and high-class style more clearly than white? It may seem boring but I’ve noticed that white really gives that certain classy and stylish touch, specially in Summer. I don’t wear white often because of my pale complexion (and my love of black) but I sometimes like to combine it with chunky yellow gold jewellery and jeans. Well made white blazer with dark washed jeans is perfect example and looks even better accessorized with beige pumps and a breezy pale blouse underneath. I also love sheer white summer dresses with colorful scarves or wedges and wide-leg white pants with a sheer chiffon top in a darker color accessorized with yellow gold… When I imagine a woman in good pair of jeans and a well made white blazer, I get chills, I mean, that is THE ultimate image of class and power dressing if you ask me. Specially if she’s wearing fabulous stilettos and a cool tote as well.

White can look so dramatic depending on the items you choose and eve more on the details you accessorize it with. It is definitely my summer favourite specially when I want to channel my everlasting passion for St.Barths glamour and easiness. Here are some cool examples:


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