Fashion reads: How Luxury Lost Its Luster

I have already written in this blog how I think democracy is a funny thing. Even though we like it and cherish it because it gives us a free voice and many rights, it also gives it to everyone everywhere no matter what they want to say. The same goes with democracy in fashion. Fashion became available to everyone everywhere. Globalisation and capitalism made fashion and luxury industry a powerful money machine for those who control it. Like powerful conglomerates LVMH and others. What they see in fashion is a chance to earn perverse amounts of money and they model it so they could fulfill their goals.

How is that possible? Well, take yourself for an example. You probably dream about your dream-bag, dream designer dress or a perfect pair of designer stilettos. Fashion conglomerates know that you together with the 85% of the population dream about it. They partly made you want all that glitter with their marketing strategies and psychological tricks and now that you do, they will try to sell you as much of your luxurious dreams as possible. You probably  can’t buy a Gucci dress but you can afford a Gucci bag and the way it would make you feel is worth the money to you. You want it badly, you want a better life, you want to show it off and if all you can afford is a designer bag, you will get one. Fashion houses make most profits from small leather items. Why? Because these articles are within reach to many people, even if they’re not rich. But because they want to feel at least a little bit rich, they will buy a small designer item and show it off. And that is how LVMH makes most of their profits – out of the middle class purchases of the small leather items. Dresses and jackets are there just to present the brand’s vision and get the attention but the bags make profits.


It was not the case a few decades ago though. Luxury was reserved for the rich, famous and aristocracy. Luxury meant that a craftsman hand-made you a dress, a bag or a pair of shoes and you stood out in the masses with your beautiful and unique style. Luxury was luxurious, well made and of high quality. Today, it is too available to be called luxury, it is mass-made in China and it is driven by profits and sales percent instead of love of beauty and fashion.

That is how luxury lost it’s luster. Dana Thomas wrote this magnificent book Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It’s Luster. I have to say that this is the book worth every cent. It is so well written, so interesting and intriguing, it is full of information about the fashion industry and the fashion scene. She tells about the designer secrets, about major changes in the fashion industry but she also writes about how some luxurious brands changed from small family owned companies to huge fashion houses. I would definitely recommend it to all fashion lovers who seek details about the industry and how it evolved in the last century. You simply have to read it.


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