how to throw an excellent party

Have you heard of this book? Get one. Kate Spade’s small guide to home entertaining is an excellent source of great advice, customs, tips and thoughts on organising parties at home. In this book party is a broad term. It includes birthday parties, Christmas parties, showers, picnics, barbecues, dinner parties, cocktail parties, theme parties… I mean, the list goes on and on. The book addresses everything from silverware and glasses to sittings, toasts and invitations. I absolutely love it. It makes me want to throw some kind of party right now!

When I think of it, good party definitely depends on details. They can be overseen and nobody will mind because it is most important to have a good time. But still, if you do pay attention to those little details and make an extra effort, your party will definitely be remembered as a special one. As I mentioned so many times on this blog before, glamour is in little details, in that extra mile you go to make it more special. There are many nice customs that we don’t pay so much attention to anymore. Like bringing a little gift for the hostess or sending invitations to your guests. These things are sweet but often forgotten. I absolutely love that I came across this little book to remind me of all the ways that make a good party worth attending.

I believe in doing your best in absolutely everything. Put an extra effort in whatever you do, and parties are no different. Prepare in advance, consult an expert (Kate Spade for example) and practice regularly. Imagine your dream party and what would make it special. Your friends, food, drinks, music, decorations… there are so many things that need attention but in the end, it is definitely worth while. Award yourself with a little bit of glamour everyday and invite people over as often as you can. Years will go by quickly and what you will remember most will be the fun and exquisite moments you shared with your dear friends. So don’t be lazy, make a to-do list and start organising your next best party.

“Every occasion calls out for something extra, whether it’s flowers you set on the table, foods to honor a special gathering, or the selection of music. For both hostess and guest, consideration of those around you is the most important qualities for any enjoyable occasion. Kate Spade invites you into her world of easy, festive entertaining, where the emphasis is not on “the perfect meal” but on having “the perfect time”.”

photos: Demarchelier, von Umwerth, unknown


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