I would like to wear…

I’m so sick of my usual daily outfits. They are so plain. I realise I might be writing this in an exaggerated tone but I’m simply channeling how I feel. Discontent. I wore everything so many times. Each combination lacks flare, exceptionality and freshness. I need new stuff. Not that I don’t have anything to … Continue reading

Tom Ford on being true to yourself:

‘The women [in my show] don’t change their look from day to day. They have figured out who they are – that’s what makes you iconic, by the way. Figure out who you are, figure out what you like, figure out what you look good in.’ HARPER’S BAZAAR UK These are the women Tom Ford … Continue reading

wardrobe tips

If you’re a lucky girl and have so many clothes that your closet is a mess and you can’t find the things you really need, I have some advice for you to make your life easier. Organising a wardrobe is a crucial thing and I personally am most happy about a well organised wardrobe at … Continue reading

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