Gold (and here I refer to yellow gold) is definitely a detail that makes everything more glamorous. Even simple items like furniture, dishes, picture frames or pillows seem that much more luxurious if they are gold-plated or colored in gold. The same goes for wardrobe. If you put on a golden dress, carry a golden clutch … Continue reading

Why glamour?

“Why not? You should live to the best of your abilities and, yes, living glamorously requires effort and time more than money. But I believe it is important to maintain high standards when it comes to taking care of yourself and the way you dress and live – particularly now as the world becomes increasingly … Continue reading


Fisrt thing that crosses your mind? It must be the one and only Rachel Zoe. I don’t know who hasn’t heard about this influential and successful lady (or her famous vocabulary) but I’m sure some are not really sure what to think of her. Big percentage of media don’t like her and a lot of the … Continue reading

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