Chloe Sevigny in Harper’s Bazaar

Chloe Sevigny always catches my eye. Her style and her overall attitude in editorials radiates such strong energy and statement, you simply cannot oversee it. This time, it was her editorial for Harper’s Bazaar that I spotted on their website. I don’t know which I like most: Chloe or the chlothes she wears. Chloe wears: … Continue reading

Editorial Science 2.0

What is it about fashion photography that we love so much? There is definitely something that attracts us, not just in the recent years but for more than half a century. It might be the cruel and harsh reality we live in that makes us look for beauty and aesthetics around us. It might be … Continue reading

Editorial Science

I don’t know how long do I read, or more correctly, look at fashion magazines. It is because I love the editorials in them. I simply love fashion photography and it attracts me like gravity to all kinds of paper or online editions of fashion magazines. These photographs and editorials can be really stunning, their story … Continue reading

I believe it too!

Browsing through the fashion part of the to be precise, I stumbled upon a cool video and a sort of manifesto written by the staff of the ELLE magazine. I must say, I believe in everything they wrote. Word to word. I decided I simply had to quote it here to have a daily remainder on … Continue reading

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