I DIE! (“We never say – oh, I have everything I need now.”)

I never thought Tom Ford could actually do something like this! I underestimated him. Sure, I knew how capable and talented he was but this… this is so much more than I expected. I thought his collection would be just another luxurious line we’ll all want in our closets but in the end it stunned … Continue reading

looking back at 2010 – a fashion retrospective

This year is almost over. Must say it went by pretty fast for me. It could’ve been better for me personally, I had bigger expectations and hopes but not many came through. A boring year for me but not for the fashion world. Here I’d like to name several BIG moments, several highlights that we’ll … Continue reading

value strategy opposed to volume strategy

Suzy Menkes recently wrote an excellent article about Hermes, the last bastion of luxury in today’s fashion industry. You can find it here. It seems that Bernard Arnault of LVMH acquired a 17.1 percent stake in the company. At first, this horrified me because I’m sick of him buying all decent family created and owned fashion … Continue reading

trend followers = men repellers (???)

I’ve noticed an interesting feature article on harpersbazaar.com today. It was an article of a funny and original blogger who addresses the topic of the effect latest trends have on a woman’s love life. In her focus are, as she says, men repellent clothes or more precisely, clothes that women adore and men abhor. I think … Continue reading

what are we gonna do about democracy?

I am posing this question after having read an interview with an honorable professor Nina Režek Wilson from our Faculty of Textile Technology at fashion.hr. She said that she isn’t very fond of the tendencies in the fashion industry. As she said, trends have become the most important element of fashion and we’re flooded with cheap … Continue reading

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