we could all use some colour

Even though I’m one of the black aesthetics fans, I do believe colorful dressing is the cool way to go. I love how some women do it (think Samantha jones of SATC). Colour lifts you up, gets you attention and causes everyone to gasp and and look at you respectfully (that is if you choose … Continue reading

I DIE! (“We never say – oh, I have everything I need now.”)

I never thought Tom Ford could actually do something like this! I underestimated him. Sure, I knew how capable and talented he was but this… this is so much more than I expected. I thought his collection would be just another luxurious line we’ll all want in our closets but in the end it stunned … Continue reading


Gold (and here I refer to yellow gold) is definitely a detail that makes everything more glamorous. Even simple items like furniture, dishes, picture frames or pillows seem that much more luxurious if they are gold-plated or colored in gold. The same goes for wardrobe. If you put on a golden dress, carry a golden clutch … Continue reading

Haute favourites

I must say I am not a big fan of haute couture although I don’t doubt its importance, artistic value, tradition and unique vision. The main reason for it is that my life is not one of high society occasions in which I could strut around in one of a kind haute couture dress and show … Continue reading

Bold with a capital B!

Follow my blog with bloglovin I have a serious addiction to fashion photography. Seriously. I am craving more and more editorials on a daily basis. I simply cannot resist the attraction of it. If the photo tells a story, has a cool background and shows beautiful clothes, I surrender. I mostly fall for BOLD clothes. … Continue reading

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