the Last Emperor, the Last Couturier

Valentino. I have just seen the documentary picturing a year in Emperor’s life. It was the year preceding his 45th anniversary couture show and celebration. The movie captured many private and professional moments managing to showcase Valentino as an ingenious mind, a creative master that can with no doubt be considered the last couturier. I … Continue reading

wearing white

Is there a colour that radiates glamour and high-class style more clearly than white? It may seem boring but I’ve noticed that white really gives that certain classy and stylish touch, specially in Summer. I don’t wear white often because of my pale complexion (and my love of black) but I sometimes like to combine it with … Continue reading

my definition of glamour

I am a visual person, an aesthete that reacts to what I see, a dreamer that constantly seeks new inspiration. That is why I’ve fallen in love with fashion, fashion photography and all things glamour. In my head I constantly see images of the Riviera poolside glamour, champagne parties, offices filed with stylish businesswomen, loud … Continue reading

I would like to wear…

I’m so sick of my usual daily outfits. They are so plain. I realise I might be writing this in an exaggerated tone but I’m simply channeling how I feel. Discontent. I wore everything so many times. Each combination lacks flare, exceptionality and freshness. I need new stuff. Not that I don’t have anything to … Continue reading

how to throw an excellent party

Have you heard of this book? Get one. Kate Spade’s small guide to home entertaining is an excellent source of great advice, customs, tips and thoughts on organising parties at home. In this book party is a broad term. It includes birthday parties, Christmas parties, showers, picnics, barbecues, dinner parties, cocktail parties, theme parties… I … Continue reading

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