February wishlist

I am a dreamer dreaming of many things. Sometimes I dream in big terms and sometimes those are very down to earth dreams, simple material wishes. This month I would really love to get a few cool items in my closet; beautiful Armani Jeans white shirt – I mean it is a dream white shirt, the … Continue reading

Get it made

Many fashion insiders keep a secret. It is the name of their tailor. The importance of having one is known to anyone who’s ever payed more attention to their style and looks. If you ever find a good tailor, make sure you stay in good relations to him/her cause he/she might just be your best fashion friend. … Continue reading

Jones, Sam Jones

Samantha Jones is in public mostly refered to as a character that’s done a lot for women’s sexual awareness and freedom. She epitomizes a confident cougar, sexually active persona who isn’t afraid of getting what she wants – good sex. And she really is all that. For me though, she is more of a style … Continue reading

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