Versace rocked the Globes’ carpet

I was so happy to see that two of the few best dresses on this year’s Golden Globes’ red carpet were Versace. I see that Donatella is back in the game and she keeps scoring on the red carpets all over the world. Many premieres and award shows, not to mention the Met Ball, offer a wide choice of actresses and other ladies who wear Versace. I am happy they manage to succeed and shine over and over again on some of the most popular and beautiful women of the world.

But then again, I would like Versace to win the other territories – streets, offices, clubs – just as they did the red carpets. Versace needs to become a “go-to” brand. At least I want it to become one. It used to be on top of the world. But that was a world before LVMH and similar “aggressors”. Nowadays, it is hard for a family business to compete with such rich and big conglomerates. The money and resources they possess can’t be outdone by the resources a smaller family owned fashion brand such as Versace can invest into it’s line. Still, they are managing to do it. Staying true to themselves and being persistent even through the hard times (after Gianni’s murder) made the brand even more recognisable and appreciated by the fashion lovers.

I think no one can beat Donatella’s sense of the red carpet glamour. No one. She is the ultimate glamazon and her dresses say it loud and clear.


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