The Art of Scrapbook

Scrapbook is something I’ve been keeping for a long, long time. My scrapbook is full of pictures I cut out off magazines, street style looks, campaigns, editorials… many, many details. Basicaly anything that catches my eye ends up in it. Few days ago I decided to re-do it meaning I’m going to cut everything out and redesign it so it looks better visually.

I think scrapbook can be some sort of collection of inspiration boards you’d make for yourself. I think it’s cool. And I’ve done some research and found out about Cecil Beaton’s book (picture above) and thought how cool it must be. Today, I think there are even more cool photos available online than in paper magazines which makes it hard for me to make the scrapbook I’d really love to make. I think this is the era of digital scrapbooks (fashion blogs come close sometimes) and I better learn how to use Photoshop properly.

To end this, I’d like to encourage everybody to have a scrapbook. It doesn’t have to be about fashion. It can be about anything you love, from your kids to gadgets to celebrities to poetry. Just keep it and read it regularly to be reminded of thoughts that came to you once and you thought it was important to cut out that very picture and keep it for yourself in a special place such as scrapbook.

I’m going to try to do my digital scrapbook (or better say fashion collages) and post new „pages“ here.



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