* Kim’s Kloset *

Kim said in an interview for W magazine that she always wanted to be a reality star, at least ever since she saw the Real World on MTV. But how did she go from totally unknown girl to a world star? OK, Paris Hilton and that sex tape helped a little. Kim’s got potential and Kim together with her sisters and family have even more potential. Potential in terms of being able to interest audiences around the world. They definitely got us all interested, otherwise, there wouldn’t be five seasons of the show and two side shows (Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami & Kim and Kourtney take NY). And since they’ve all made themselves huge brands and stars for no talent but the will to show all the DRAMA that goes on around them, they can really enjoy all the blessings of a rich and careless life. I mean these girls get big bucks for simply twitting their “favourite” products. They have so many followers that big companies realised they could be great messengers of new products and services to young people all around the world. Really smart girls! Congrats! You’ve found a way to earn big money by doing nothing but being yourselves and show up at places and twitt names etc. etc.

But here I’m mentioning Kim for another reason and that is her style. On the red carpet she really looks stunning, but I love her daily looks even more. She bases her outfits on stilettos, skinny jeans, a cool top, a blazer or a jacket (sometimes a fury one) and a scarf. And a Birkin is always around. I like that kind of dressing because it can be totally casual or totally smart depending on the items you pick. She always looks perfect (with a little help of a stylist and a make up artist and a…) and I love her look. You?


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