looking back at 2010 – a fashion retrospective

This year is almost over. Must say it went by pretty fast for me. It could’ve been better for me personally, I had bigger expectations and hopes but not many came through. A boring year for me but not for the fashion world. Here I’d like to name several BIG moments, several highlights that we’ll remember 2010 for

1. Carine Roitfeld resignes from vogue.fr > “I think it’s time to do something different,” Ms. Roitfeld said by phone from Paris. She will leave at the end of January, after completing the April issue. She said she was not sure what she would do after that. “I have no plan at all,” she said. She really made an exception because to me it seems that other editors don’t intend to let go off their thrones once they get a hold of them. This shows that Carine is much more than a magazine editor, she is a creative mind and an aesthete with sharp eye. I wonder if she’s leaving to pair up with Tom Ford again.

2. Alexander McQueen RIP > the renegade British fashion designer known for producing some of the most provocative collections of the last two decades, was found dead on Thursday morning in his London home, the police there said. He was 40. “The turnover of fashion is just so quick and so throwaway, and I think that is a big part of the problem,” he once said commenting the fashion industry and ever-changing trends “There is no longevity.” Does his suicide prove that ingenious and creative minds are often too much even for themselves and get self-destructive?

3. Lanvin ❤ H&M > “I have said in the past that I would never do a mass-market collection,” Lanvin’s creative director Alber Elbaz said in a statement, “but what intrigued me was the idea of H & M going luxury rather than Lanvin going public.” This famous high street brand really knows business and knows how to gain attention and popularity even as a mass market brand. They certainly know how to distinct themselves from other similar brands and collaborations with Lanvin might be the most successful of all their previous collaborations.

4. Rachel Zoe announces pregnancy > I have seen the third season of her reality and the issue of pregnancy was in the air all the time. Her husband and her family have posed the question of maternity so many times that Rachel in the end gave in and decided that it really is now or never. I don’t know if it was just for the drama of the show but to me it seemed Rachel didn’t really want this. She loves kids but she loves her job even more. And she was having the time of her life day by day. She really rocks and now Roger wants her to trade all that for a kid because hee needs something meaningful in his life… She said ok and she got pregnant but did she really want to?

5. SATC2 > it was over the top. Kitsch. Too too much. Unrealistic. Unbelievable. The story was lame. But I loved the film and I loved the clothes in the film. SATC2 was over-criticysed but women went crazy about it. Can you remember all that cool designer pieces the girls wore? It was a pure fashion pornography. Still, I watch it over and over again. SATC itself is a fashion icon.

6. SJP becomes creative director for Halston Heritage > Tamara Mellon is really striving to reinvent Halston. She tried with Rachel Zoe but it obviously didn’t work that well. Now she offered SJP the position of President and Chief Creative Officer at Halston and Halston Heritage. SJP has the nose for fashion, she knows the trends and she has an excellent style. Will it be enough to save Halston? I hope so because Halston is like a breath of fresh air in high fashion if you ask me. So breezy and elegant…

7. Giles Deacon in Ungaro > will he be able to earn back the respect and clients the brand has lost after the disastrous collaboration with La Lohan? I hope he will. Ungaro is an iconic house and I hope the company has finally chosen a designer who has the capacity and energy to get them back on track, red carpets, editorials and finally, in our closets.

8. Roberto Cavalli celebrates 40 years in fashion > I used to think of Cavalli as the copycat of Gianni Versace’s ideas. Gianni was the first who started with wild fashion and revolutionary ideas, Roberto followed what seemed to be working. But over the last 40 years Cavalli became such a big name, he doesn’t deserve to be compared to anyone. Always wild, animal, jungle, exaggerated and over-the-top but still so different and innovative each season. This year his collections were mere perfection. He stayed true to his core philosophy but he manages to keep it new and desirable season after season. He’s the master of seduction clothes. If you want to be a wild fearless woman who steals the moment where ever she come, you’ll buy Cavalli.

9. Shearling replaced the shoulder pads > A couple of seasons ago, Balmain was on top of our wish lists and his 80s inspired blazers and groupie looks made us crazy. The industry followed. But not for long. The new overwhelming trend this season is the aviator chic. Shearling jackets, boots and much more rule the world at the moment, shoulder pads are now history again.

10. net-a-porter celebrated 10th anniversary > Natalie Massenet probably didn’t expect such planetary success when she first started her small online venture in 2000. But over the years, thanks to her fashion sense and nose for business, net-a-porter became every jet-setter’s favourite shopping site. They stayed fresh, follow trends and listen carefully to their customers’ wishes. Ten years after, we have a strong brand that everyone in fashion loves to work with and women all over the world love to buy from. Congratulations!


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