Aquarius wedding dress

My zodiac sign is Aquarius. As with their specific personality, aquariuses are innovative, unique and show-stopping when it comes to style too. They supposedly love to be modern, different and to shock with their choices. I’m not sure I shock people with what I wear but my likes are probably a bit different from most people I know. Here I present several dresses I would like to wear as my wedding dress. No, I’m not getting married soon but I saw a totally beautiful Rochas white dress on the catwalk recently and it got me thinking about wedding dresses and how boring and predictable they’ve become. Women usually play it safe. But not me. I would get married in one of these (not that the groom would approve :))

From the top left: Ungaro 2007, Rochas 2011. Elie Saab 2011, Pucci 2011, Gianfranco Ferre 2008, Laura Biagiotti 2010, Versace 2009, Luca Luca 2009


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