shopping tips that work

Who doesn’t have a problem with bad purchases? I mean everyone has at least once bought a thing they haven’t worn once. Even though shopping is fun, it can lead to disasters if you don’t pay attention to potential problems. When I shop, I try to do it smart and effectively. Here are some shopping tips that work for me:

  1. Buy complete looks, not separates > The common mistake is to buy separate items like tops, jackets, trousers. That way you can end up with loads of cool items that you can’t combine and wear together. Instead, buy a complete look head to toe and don’t forget a cool accessory that goes with it.
  2. When you find a piece that fits perfectly, buy several in different colours > This is very important. Sometimes you struggle so hard to find a pair of jeans or a skirt that really flatters your body. Once you find it, buy it in two or three colours if possible. If it sells out later, how can you be sure that you’ll find the same kind again? To ensure you don’t have to deal with the same headache twice, buy the thing in different versions and you won’t have to worry about it again.
  3. For clothes, have at least five different models of every type of clothes > If you’d wear a single pair of jeans every day, it would soon look worn out and old. For items you tend to wear a lot (like office attire or jeans) buy at least five pieces. That way you can wear each shirt once a week, you won’t have to wash them as often and they will last longer.
  4. For shoes, get at least three pairs of each type of shoes > Same as with clothes, shoes won’t last long if you wear them every day. It is a good decision to buy three pair of pumps, ankle boots, ballet flats and all other kinds of shoes you wear regularly. Not only will you have more options to choose from for different occasions and dress codes but your shoes will last longer.
  5. Always check the material and care instructions > Polyester and other plastic fibres are not a wise choice for sensitive skin and they often look awful after several washes. This specially goes for synthetic knitwear. If the item is too sensitive, reconsider it. Maybe you won’t have time or energy to deal with it later.
  6. Always check for holes, stains or other potential damage > Even if you can return damaged stuff, why lose time to do it? Change it while you’re still in the store and if they don’t have another piece that’s undamaged, buy something else. Even if you think people won’t notice something’s wrong with your dress, they will and it will look shady.
  7. Don’t buy too small stuff > They can’t be altered and you probably won’t grow any smaller than you are now. You might think you’ll lose some weight but why put that kind of pressure on yourself? Just buy clothes that are fit you and stop worrying about your size.
  8. Invest in good quality basics > Find a well made piece and get it even if it is too expensive for you. You can buy one and then find a good tailor who can sew a few more exactly the same. More expensive brands are often expensive for a reason. Their hemlines are well made and they fit better than the cheap clothes. So get yourself one good piece and make several more after it.
  9. Always try different sizes to see which really fits best > Sometimes you will be S and sometimes M, always try several sizes because not all manufacturers have the same measures and lengths. Also, some clothes look better when they’re not too tight so try a larger size just to see how it will look.
  10. Take your time > Never shop when you’re in a hurry. That means you won’t give yourself time to think twice about a purchase and you risk buying a totally wrong thing.


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