wardrobe tips

If you’re a lucky girl and have so many clothes that your closet is a mess and you can’t find the things you really need, I have some advice for you to make your life easier. Organising a wardrobe is a crucial thing and I personally am most happy about a well organised wardrobe at 7 am when I quickly need to decide what to wear to work. At 7 am standing in front of a closet for 10 or 15 minutes is not an option. You need to have it well organised so you could immediately find the things you want. Here’s my way how to do it: divide your wardrobe into three parts (this largely depends on your lifestyle but if you’re an office girl like me, my advice could work for you as well):


Here you can place all the comfortable and cozy clothes that you like to wear at home, clothes for walks, travel and all other non-formal occasions. These would be the items that you feel comfortable in and can wear them when hanging around the house or for morning coffee in your neighbourhood. These stuff are not that delicate so you can pile them up on shelves and arrange them by colour or category.

Items: cotton jerseys, plain tees, chunky knits, sportswear, cotton tights, even jeans


This is the upgraded daily-wear, as I call it. Mainly clothes for work, fancy lunch or dinner downtown, clothes that are elegant, smart and sophisticated. You should definitely sort the items by category: jackets&blazers, blouses, skirts, trousers, dresses. That way you will easily find them and pick them up in the morning. First, you should choose your key item. If you have one key piece, you can build your look around it with different items each day. You could have five different white shirts as your base and style them up each day differently with skirts, trousers, jackets etc. But your foundation would be this white shirt. And it would be easy just to pick pieces from your closet to combine them with it. This is an easy concept. Or it could be a pencil skirt with a different kind of top/blouse every day. If you have one key piece, you can build your look around it with different items each day.

Items: shirts, blouses, skirts, blazers, jackets, office dresses, vests, smart tops, trousers, suits


These would be all the special items you own…. anything you would wear in the afterhours to a party, late dinner, club, wedding or some other special occasion. Items in this part are probably made of delicate materials so keep them on hangers (with wraps if possible).

Items: Sparkling dresses, sequined tops and jackets, cool jeans, one-of-a-kind dresses, minis, bold colours, fine materials, sheer and see-through stuff

A well organised closet is important so you could always have a clear picture of what you have and what you wear. This concept seems obvious but how many of you really have an organised closet? In most cases, everything is mixed together without order. OK, sometimes the closet is too small to do it or you share it with someone. But if you can, take some time to do this and I guarantee you will get a clearer picture of what you have, what you don’t wear and what you need.


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