I must admit I didn’t like Kate Moss at first. As if I was trying to fight the common thought that she was an icon. Style icon, pop icon, fashion icon… I just thought, screw her, there are many better models. But, I gave in to Katemania pretty soon. You have to admit, not many faces are that photogenic, transformable, stunning, captivating. No matter how she poses, if it’s just her face or the whole body, she looks amazing. She literally eats the camera and bites you through the picture. She has this incredible power of transformation and can look differently on each picture. Of course, she’s not he only one with those qualities. There are many other models who look as good as her but none of them are really hat iconic. As if all the other girls are booked to model, while Kate is booked to steal the moment, attract attention and sell dreams. I love her photos. I think I’m gonna put those top two on my wall.


I wonder what it’s like to be Kate Moss. Or Kate Moss’ daughter. Apart from the paparazzi chaos around her, I bet it’s pretty damn good and fun. I mean, imagine her wardrobe. I was just thinking the other day how if I were a robber, I wouldn’t rob banks or anything like that. I would rb rich and stylish women’s closets. Oh yeah! All those great designer clothes… Definitely a good motive to risk a couple of years behind the bars. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I am not a particular fan of Kate’s style. I do admire how she manages to stay true to it even though she doesn’t always wear the same thing. She always dresses differently but within her borders. I believe that is what we call having a good style. When you dress the same way but at the same time differently than before. I mean, she is always so effortlessly chic, kind of like a rock and grunge star and still manages to look much younger than she is. That’s what I find cool. But I don’t really like some of the clothes she wears.


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