Gold (and here I refer to yellow gold) is definitely a detail that makes everything more glamorous. Even simple items like furniture, dishes, picture frames or pillows seem that much more luxurious if they are gold-plated or colored in gold. The same goes for wardrobe. If you put on a golden dress, carry a golden clutch or a stack of golden jewellery, you leave a more glamorous and special impression. You definitely can’t go unnoticed. So gold is the true king of metals.

If you’re brave enough to wear clothes made of golden-colored fabrics, thumbs up for you. They will most certainly get you to the center of attention. You can choose golden sequins for more dramatic and shiny effect. If you want a more down to earth and classic option, choose a simple maxi dress (white, black, gray, bordeaux…) and accessorize it with large pieces of jewellery, gold of course. It will look amazing. I love yellow gold, even though some think it’s a bit ghetto or granny, I love it! It is kind of retro chic, reminds me of old hollywood, it stands out on every color and goes well with all colors. One of the rare celebs that regularly wear it is Rachel Zoe. I love it best when combined with black, white or nude colors but it goes soooo well with basically any color you pick.


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