trend followers = men repellers (???)

I’ve noticed an interesting feature article on today. It was an article of a funny and original blogger who addresses the topic of the effect latest trends have on a woman’s love life. In her focus are, as she says, men repellent clothes or more precisely, clothes that women adore and men abhor. I think this girl is onto something. When you look at numerous collections of various designers that stroll up and down the runway season after season, you will notice many looks that seem pretty strange and avant-garde or unwearable in reality. Yet a lot of women follow trends no matter what they are. Men (and here I mean straight men) have much simpler idea of the perfect woman’s outfit. Actually, they would prefer it simple, clean and feminine. Nothing over-the-top, nothing exaggerated. All those sequins, shoulder pads, impressive hemlines or eye-catching textures are unbearable for them.

For us women, fashion is fun and we are constantly trying out new combinations, new details, new pieces all in order to be noticed and stylish. The question “why do you need the twentieth pair of shoes/bag/blouse/coat?” is totally inappropriate. In this era of fashion blogosphere explosion, many women/girls are dressing up only for the world to see and praise them. Being the famous and bloglovin-followed blogger is a must and a goal of many style-bloggers that pop-up every day (some of them are really good and interesting and I follow them as well but I’m not that interested in street style blogs but rather in good inspirational fashion photography and articles). Women like to present themselves through their personal style and sometimes it leads to interesting ideas, if you know what I mean. I myself am not that rule-breaking and trend-setting person when it comes to style. I have my basics, my favourites and my guidelines. But there are many women who often go for very ambitious, show-stopping and sometimes ridiculous clothes. That’s a good way to get in the Man-Repeller category. Why do men repel some clothes anyway? They only want to see you in clothes that don’t hide your body too much, jut from your body, look dangerous or remind them of the circus they saw some ten years ago. They prefer “normal” stuff rather than “ingenious”. Think girls from SATC rather than Anna dello Russo (which I adore btw) or Armani rather than Balmain. Men are simple.

So what now? Should we give up on trends we like just because we want men to like us? Definitely NOT. But stay true to yourself. Don’t give it up just so you could get a boyfriend. You are much more than the clothes you wear (or at least you should be) and don’t make your wardrobe the only thing worth knowing about you. If you have a striking, cool, adorable and loving personality, nothing will come in the way of you and your future Mr. Right. Just don’t over-do the already over-done clothes. And know your measure. And dress for the occasion. And that’s all.

photos: Balmain, Johjy Yamamoto, JPG, Viktor%Rolf


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