the must-read fashion books

I believe it was after I heard something about Rachel Zoe for the millionth time that week that I decided to see who this woman actually is and then I saw her reality show and then bought her book and then I just decided to buy some more fashion books and now I’m pretty fashion-book-addicted. So let me recommend several books about fashion that you might like. They are all in English, Croatian translations are not available. I guess our publishers don’t recognise this book niche as potentially profitable so we’re left to hunt on amazon and similar sites.

1. Style A to Zoe: the Art of Fashion, Beauty and Everything Glamour > as I said, this was my first ever book about fashion and it really is an excellent piece. Since she has a lot of experience in styling, the advice in her book has credibility. The best thing about the book is that she asked a lot of her celebrity friends and colleagues to address different topics like glamour, red carpet, throwing parties etc. So you have a wide spectrum of opinions and advice from some pretty cool people. Zoe said that she wrote the book as if she was advising one of her clients including everything she finds important in creating and developing one’s personal style. I found the book interesting and visually amazing. There are many cool ideas and advice but what I loved most was the book’s dreamy and positive atmosphere. Rachel constantly emphasises how important it is to never stop dreaming a better and more glamorous life. As she says, it has nothing to do with a shopping spree but the will and desire to make your days more special and to surround yourself with beauty and glamour because every day is a special day. I find the book inspiring and would definitely recommend it as a positive, daydreaming and inspiring reading material.

2. House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder, and Survival > This is a book with a lot of drama and intrigue following the exciting and glamorous life of Gianni and Donatella Versace. If you don’t know how Versace grew as a brand and what happened after Gianni’s murder, this book will reveal everything. It was written in collaboration with family members who allowed the author to conduct numerous interviews with family friends, ex and current employees, other family members, colleagues, and many other people who were in any way related to the brand and family Versace. The only person who didn’t want to cooperate was Allegra Versace which is pretty disappointing because we don’t get to see her personal opinion about fashion, her family or her childhood spent in Versace atelier as she sees it. This book made me love Donatella Versace and her work even though I wasn’t always very fond of Versace designs. Apart from the engaging story of one of the last family owned fashion brands of our time, the book offers a lot of interesting information about fashion industry and how it functions behind the curtains. I would recommend it as a good source of history information, specially on Italian fashion scene from 1970s till today.

3. 100 Contemporary Fashion Designers > this is an encyclopedia of contemporary fashion designers. I got it for an excellent price at a book fair and it is beautiful. It contains two tomes: designers are divided A-M and L-Z. Everyone is in, at least everyone relevant in the last 10-20 years. There are 4-10 photos for each designer, they could’ve been a more exciting choice but they’re not bad. Each designer is described in a short text and an interview and the book gives good information about each designer. It didn’t thrill me as much as the previous two but definitely serves its encyclopedic function well.



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