what are we gonna do about democracy?

I am posing this question after having read an interview with an honorable professor Nina Režek Wilson from our Faculty of Textile Technology at fashion.hr. She said that she isn’t very fond of the tendencies in the fashion industry. As she said, trends have become the most important element of fashion and we’re flooded with cheap clothes. I agree. Today it seems that China is the only country in the world that has textile factories. Not that I have anything against them sewing clothes, but we all know why the production has massively moved there – low production (read labour) costs. The results are low quality and visibly cheep materials and products.

If you wonder what democracy has to do with this (since China is a communist country), I was referring to democracy in fashion. Everyone can buy trendy stuff and wear them. Not just the rich and famous. Not just citizens of fashion capitals. Literally everyone. And everyone can express their opinion about fashion. This is the era of fashion blogosphere, high street brands and eBay.  This is the era where everything is available and affordable – if not in your town, then in the other part of the world and just a click away! If you can’t get it near you, you can buy it online. There are so many cheap clothes offered to us, we don’t even care if we buy something and wear it only once. We can toss it and forget about it – it was so cheap anyway! We don’t respect clothes anymore since they’ve become available and dispensable. Bad side of fashion democracy.

That raises the question – will there be quality clothes in ten years? If everyone transfers their factories to China, will the quality of their production improve? I hope there will be more than clothes that fall apart after three washings. And I hope that the consciousness about the sustainable lifestyle will grow and lead us to recycling, not just accumulating more and more. To do that, we should develop a style that isn’t correlated to ever-changing trends. A style that will last for years no matter what the it-stuff are. Otherwise we might end up emptying our closets every six months in order to toss the old and welcome the new hot trends. And unless we start sending spaceships full of clothes to far away aliens – we might drown in our own fashion-waste.


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