nostalgia for the good old chic times

ELLE US published online an interview with Massimiliano Giornetti, Ferragamo’s new Creative Director, featuring his 2011 resort collection. He was shooting it on the Amalfi Coast of Italy where he regularly vacates with his family. Before I continue, I would like to say that Ferragamo is my favourite Italian designer whose clothes season after season become my ultimate craving. I love everything about his clothes but specially flowy dresses and fabulous shoes. That’s why I’m glad to hear that Giornetti’s ultimate goal is to reinvent Ferragamo as a serious fashion label the way Missoni, Bottega Veneta, and other quiet luxury brands have in recent years. I just hope he won’t lose any of the Ferragamo signature.

Next thing about his interview I want to address is his noticing that comfort has become the most important factor in dressing up for women today. Not many women pay that much attention to what they wear as long as it is comfortable. I understand that but still cannot escape the nostalgia for the times when women were chic and payed more attention to what they wear and how they accessorize it. As he says: “I’m not a snob, but I like to see people in shoes and I’m nostalgic for the days of jackets, ties, and loafers. Even in summer, Italy has always been known for a chic attitude. So of course I like to see shirts that are tucked in.” The models in his new resort collection look the part in fitted day jackets with leather piping, striped knit dresses, flowing blouses, luxurious trousers, and cocktail dresses in tangerine, violet, and black, all paired with classic high-heel sandals and white leather bags and belts. They remind us of the times when jet-setting meant dressing up.

I’m not sure if the problem is the lack of time, money or inspiration but everyday styling of simple people has changed drastically. Is it possible that this decade will be remembered as a casual and floppy one? Chic, elegant and put-together women have become an exception. And here I’m not referring to young women and girls who often have to go through their rebellion years in order to become feminine later. I will always notice a woman who has invested a little more effort in the way she looks and in her clothes and I hope to see more of them. But that’s just me. And Massimiliano Giornetti.



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