is H&M the new Coca-Cola?

Robin Givhan, first fashion journalist ever to win a Pulitzer  prize, wrote in one of her articles that today in the era of fashion bloggers, H&M and TOPSHOP, fashion became democratic. Everyone can reach and buy it and everyone can have a vote on what’s hot and what’s not. This may sound strange, but few decades ago, there weren’t high street brands on every corner of every bigger city offering trendy and relatively cheap clothes. Fashion was out of reach, it was the privilege of the rich and aristocracy. For me it is hard to imagine a world like that specially because today you can log in to any internet shop or eBay and buy stuff from any part of the world. With the flood of high street brands like ZARA, TOPSHOP or H&M, cool and fashionable clothes have become available to people like me; not rich, young and fashion addicted.

This is why I am happy that H&M is finally coming to Zagreb! For 7 years I’ve been travelling to our neighbour countries in order to get their clothes. There is even a tourist agency in Zagreb that organises shopping routes to Graz, Austria for us shopaholic and h&maholics. 5 days a week there are 2-5 buses full of fashion-crazy people of both sexes and all ages that go to Graz to shop like it was some kind of new religion. I guess this agency is not very happy about H&M opening in Zagreb but who cares? We’ll finally have H&M at our reach. I think I’ll start saving for the splurge there the moment they open their doors. I believe it is a matter of weeks till they open and I am getting ready.

I remember when ZARA opened for the first time a couple of years ago; you couldn’t get in! The rows for changing rooms and cashiers were enormous and the shop was crowded. I believe this is what’s going to happen when H&M opens. They will open two stores, one downtown and one in a shopping mall ARENA CENTAR in the outer part of the city. I plan to get me loads accessories and party clothes. I’m so happy to finally be able to buy myself cheap and good quality clothes. That’s unless they start sending bad stuff to Croatia (as some other brands do).  

I even applied for a job in H&M and have fingers crossed. I really, really, really hope they’ll hire me. That’s my new daily mantra. Mhmmmmmm


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