Editorial Science

I don’t know how long do I read, or more correctly, look at fashion magazines. It is because I love the editorials in them. I simply love fashion photography and it attracts me like gravity to all kinds of paper or online editions of fashion magazines. These photographs and editorials can be really stunning, their story often dazzling and women and clothes they present seem like all there is in this life. Yet there are bad editorials as well. This is probably a matter of personal taste but taste is something you can’t really discuss. I might think one editorial is boring while someone else might see its aesthetics as gorgeous. My favourites are provocative editorials rich in layers (here I’m not referring to clothes) and background. They also need to have a story or an unpredictable setting. I don’t like plain model-in-front-of-the-wall editorials. I get my daily dose of fashion photography at fashiongonerogue.som. Make sure to check it out because they offer really best editorials. They have a huge collection and you can search it by photographers, models, stylists, magazines… it is THE place for all fashion lovers like myself.

So what does it take to make an impressive editorial? There are many factors that count, let me mention several; model, stylist, photographer, setting and clothes. Budget is also an important element. If you don’t have money restrictions, you can really do whatever you imagine. If not, you have to smart and try to get the best from what you can spend. That’s probably why big magazines with many advertisers have huge productions and others don’t. 

The alpha and omega of the shoot is definitely the stylist. This should definitely be someone creative since there are so many editorials and shootings and it’s not cool to copy other work.  They have a pretty cool job if you ask me. They can use their imagination to come up with a story and then choose the location and the clothes that go with it. But there are really no limitations, except for the budget maybe. I mean you can shoot at parks, streets, in cars, in elevators, tunnels, beaches…Literally anywhere. You can make your own fairy tales. Clothes can also be anything you want. You choose pieces that go along with the theme of your shoot. So stylists have most fun and could be considered some sort of artists. I would definitely love to be a stylist at a fashion magazine. I was once asked what work would I do if all jobs were payed exactly the same and it would definitely be this kind of styling.

Next, a good photographer can make miracles and is essential. After the stylist tells him his story and what he wants to present, photographer can work in that direction and instruct the model. A good photographer should also be good in Photoshop. By this I don’t mean corrections on models’ bodies and faces but on special effects this program offers. Several clicks can change a picture dramatically and someone who knows how to do it is definitely worth a lot.

Here I’ll show several editorials that represent everything I like about them. Colour, layers, background, atmosphere. I don’t like editorials that simply present clothes on a model in front of a simple background. Even though these might be great clothes and photos might be totally cool, I prefer more complex results:

1. photo: M.Seliger / stylist: K. Mossman, 2. phot: C. Akrans / stylist: F. Benhamsu, 3. photo: M. Sorenti


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