Giorgio or Gianni?

Tough question, right? And I’m not referring to the labels literally, I’m posing a question whether to be a serious and stylish or a wild and pretentious woman. But don’t we want it both? From their early days, Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace were fierce competitors, each presenting a different vision of women. They were the mere antidotes to each other. Armani’s woman was always strong, serious, classy and elegant while Gianni’s vision found inspiration in wild and uncontrollable rock stars, fierce ladies not afraid of their sexuality. Their lines are maybe best described as the lady and the hooker. People were saying that Armani empowers women while Versace liberates them (I’m referring to the 80’s). The everlasting difference between their aesthetic visions brings me to the eternal good girl/bad girl question: do women wanna be good or bad girls? Apparently you can’t be both.  

To my big disappointment and sadness, bad-girl-label Versace is currently far worse off than Armani. This is mostly due to Gianni’s murder after which it took Donatella 7 years to pull herself together, get cleaned and start working on bringing back the old Versace’s glory. This was and is a difficult task. During the horror years of her addiction and not being able to overcome her personal tragedy, fashion has changed. It has become a business with new rules, moments, postulates. It is hard to catch up. Armani and Gucci are financially much stronger brands and hold bigger part of the market than Versace. The reputation and history of her name are in favor of Donatella. Plus she represents a typical bad girl. I think she is actually the ultimate bad girl if we take into account her former lifestyle. Everybody knows who were Gianni and Donatella Versace and what Versace represented 15 years ago. Just as Cavalli (who followed Gianni’s wild and outrageous vision of women), Versace will always be known for its edgy, confident and kind of arrogant clothes.

Armani, on the other hand, will forever stay the calm and sophisticated creator whose woman wants polished and chic pieces. I think it is good that both of them stayed true to their initial visions. That’s exactly why they kept their audience and buyers and why their names stand for something excellent and recognizable. People know what they can expect of each of these labels. Bad girls wear Versace, good girls choose Armani. And they most certainly have lots of fun. All of them.

I love Versace but Armani aesthetics is also very appealing to me. Who wouldn’t like to be this powerful and determined woman looking so in control of everything, beginnin with her wadrobe and style. I love how Armani upgrades you to the executive level instantly. Versace on the other hand, gives peopl who look at you chills. They wonder about the confident feline and her colorful and playful clothes. Giorgio or Gianni? Really a tough call.


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