Hermes is looking down on us

Most of us women like all things that sparkle and taste like exclusivity or glamour. That is why we are prone to giving large amounts of money for small items that promise inevitable change from dull to stylish. It is so with accessory and jewellery and all other fashionable items we spot in our magazines, blogs or runways. One would think that owning a dozen of clutches or skirts or dresses has to be enough, but it isn’t and we always crave more.

I am not going to justify such behaviour, I can only say that I have the same diagnosis. If only I could buy one more pair of boots, if only I could get just this one more purse… It goes on on a daily basis. Luckily, I don’t have the substantial funds to spend so I usually only crave and shop in my mind.

One of my cravings is cool scarves. My Mum has many, I can just pick one of them and wear it. They’re simply gorgeous and I love their effect on the overall outfit. I recently discovered an interesting site by Hermes where women upload and share their pics with Hermes scarves (similar to Burberry’s ode to the trench). I love the page but would definitely appreciate more ideas on how to tie a scarf. I have several favourites (no Hermes scarves, unfortunately) and here they are:



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