ELLEments of style

 Lately I’ve been thinking about my style and whether I have one at all. I can say that I do show have certain tendencies when it comes to dressing up, but my style definitely needs additional re-brushing, ideas and reinventing. I would say I have good basis and need to work on items that would give it a final recognisable touch.

Maybe the new book by ELLE stylists the ELLEments of Style will give me new ideas. I purchased it a week ago and am looking forward to see everything Joe Zee and his crew put together for us. It presents 25 unique style icons, their homes and wardrobe, all with one goal – to present the elements of different styles and what we need in order to be as stylish as those ladies. I think it will be a cool book. I know fashion is not something of a great importance in a world full of suffer and injustice and a search for one’s personal style or a more glamorous life isn’t going to save anyone. Fashion is fun and it should be a joy and an adventure. That is at least how I see it. Simply a fun game of expressing myself, looking my best and feeling gorgeous.

From what I’ve seen on the magazine’s web page, I like Alicia Keys’ central item – the jacket. Her style revolves around a cool, embroidered and over-done jackets. Definitely something I could try myself.

I have a vision of what I would like my style to be and am leaning toward some sort of recognisable, uniformed look that changes in details while the main topic stays the same. You know, like wearing dark jeans with a plain white tee and styling it up every day with different jacket, shoes and accessory. That is something I’d like to do just with different basic items. The thing is, I love drama when it comes to dressing up but for daily combinations I preffer more down to earth items that I can wear to work as well. Sophistication for working hours and drama for after hours:

1. skinny jeans/pants with a cool top, a blazer and stilettos

2. Over-the-top patterns, sequins and textures 


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