Escapism and celebrity hunger

Sometimes you get to love certain fashion houses, brands, designers or families and you just can’t stop following their progress or downturn as it happens. Psychologists say that we’re so crazy about celebrities because we think they lead notoriously fun and exciting lives and reading about them makes us feel like we are part of all that buzz too. If I were to judge by my own example, I’d say they’re right. Why is celebrity culture so exaggerated? Tabloids make a lot of money from our curiosity and celebrity hunger; we want to know all they do and everything that happens to them. This addiction and focus can really make us feel like we know them and are part of their lives. It gives our lives a better feeling, like we’re part of something fun and exciting as well. That’s also a bit pathetic, isn’t it? Craving the celeb news so that we could feel like their friends or whatever. Really pathetic. But people still can’t help it.

Is that what escapism is all about? Running away from our own simple lives, sad realities and disappointing routine? I hope that people are not always so passive about life. If it’s boring, it would be better to just do something about it, not simply open a tabloid or turn on the TV. Sometimes, life can get to a point where there really isn’t a way out, at least not without seriously hurting people around us. Sometimes you know that you can change your life but at a high price. Like if you already had children and wanted a change in your life (a big change, a second adolescence, something exciting), you’d be well aware that you could do it but you’d have to abandon your kids or at least spend less time with them. It takes a lot of egoism but people sometimes get so frustrated and anxious about the boredom that fills their lives that they don’t even care about others. Even their kids. Remember the Bridges of the Madison County or the book Escape by Hellen van Rooyen? I bet any married woman could relate to them. In my opinion, it is hard to change things once you get to that stadium, at least it’s hard to do it without hurting someone.

It is much better to think about this in advance and think twice before committing to something that’s not genuine or true in our hearts. Life doesn’t have to be boring. Nor do I think that marriage and kids make one’s life boring. Absolutely not! What I’m saying is that people sometimes forget to listen to their guts and their dreams and do what’s expected because it’s much easier. It’s not risky and it doesn’t require much thinking or work. You just do what everyone else before you did. Wrong! Listen to yourself. As a kid you had a plan or two, you had some dreams. Remember them? Well, I hope you have some sort of diary you wrote as a teen because you probably wrote them down there.

If you do the things you really want to do, there is no way your life would end up boring and dull. Try harder, wake up a bit earlier, contemplate, dream, take action and don’t think it’s impossible to be happy. Don’t think that everyone else is having better time than you. Who knows what they’re dealing with behind the closed doors. Focus on yourself and if you know that something in your life isn’t right and you want to change it but you’re not sure what to do, JUST DO SOMETHING. Get out, meet people, take courses, find a hobby, do something and respond to the world. You will probably end up at the right place.


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