Haute favourites

I must say I am not a big fan of haute couture although I don’t doubt its importance, artistic value, tradition and unique vision. The main reason for it is that my life is not one of high society occasions in which I could strut around in one of a kind haute couture dress and show of my style and wardrobe. Even though I find most of haute couture unwearable and silly, I love its overwhelming details, textures and materials. I love clothes that steal the moment, attract attention and stop traffic. I love gorgeous, fabulous dresses of unique lines and materials. I love the drama in clothes. Probably because my clothes have no drama at all. But I intend to work on the dramatic part of my wardrobe. ASAP. These two examples show the kind of drama I am after.

Pictures are from Harper’s Bazzar shoot with Drew Barrymore and show JPG and Dior haute couture dresses. They are the top choices if you ask me. The JPG dress definitely resembles what I like about haute couture. And I love this kind of sequined texture. This is definitely what I’ll be after when shopping in the next few months.


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