Fisrt thing that crosses your mind? It must be the one and only Rachel Zoe. I don’t know who hasn’t heard about this influential and successful lady (or her famous vocabulary) but I’m sure some are not really sure what to think of her. Big percentage of media don’t like her and a lot of the fashion pros claim she is bad for fashion. Personally, I like RZ. It all came out of nowhere. Out of my curiosity actually. I’ve heard a lot about her and seen her face popping up on every major fashion happening or a party and I just wondered who is she?

I tuned into youtube to see first two seasons of her reality show and I got hooked up. Why? It must’ve been for the flashy lifestyle, the buzz, the hype, the clothes and her unstoppable drive. Then I read her book Style A to Zoe and loved it immediately. It’s no classic but it’s inspiring, witty and full of interesting facts. The contributors to the book made it unique, specially my favourite Donatella Versace. But what I loved most about the book and herself is her continuous strive for more, more challenges, more fun, more glamour, more glitz… I love it! I love her positive attitude and how she thinks we should all make our lives more glamorous and special. I’m kind of incorporating it in my lifestyle not just for the sake of it but to see if trying harder and putting in extra effort really makes the difference. It does.

She might be controversial but there is something about her that makes you curious. How has she done it? How did she become such an influential figure in the fashion business? In my opinion it was a lot of hard work and good business instincts. She made a couple of good decisions along the way that catapulted her to the stars. For the beginning, she knew very well that if she wanted to do some serious stylist work, she would have to move somewhere where there are loads of stars to style and advise. Logical choice – LA. It was after she moved to LA that her career sky-rocketed. She met Lindsay and Nicole and the rest is history.

Her business might not be of huge use to the world or save the hungry children, but it is a damn successful business. She recognised the potential of the media and specially gossip magazines. When she mixed scandalous young stars, high fashion and the tabloids, Zoe started a new trend and made a lot of money. All of a sudden there were zillions of stars who wanted someone to take care of their look. Not only the red carpet gowns but the simple day-to-day clothes they would wear on their way to Starbucks or the beach.

Then we, the masses, became fashion hungry and wanted to look like our favourite stars. Designers realised that if  LiLo would carry a designer clutch when photographed during her nightclub raid, the clutch would sell out immediately. Their influence and popularity did wonders for fashion industry. They became walking commercials. It was a win-win-win situation. The celebs got to be called style icons and trend setters, designers got to sell more clothes than ever and Rachel Zoe’s business not only bloomed but made her a celebrity herself.

I would like to live like her. Not because all the bling bling that surrounds her. She loves her work and it enables her to enjoy things that make her happy. She leads a glamorous life and most of all, her work is more of a dream and a passion for her, not a dull activity that pays the bills. That is what I would like to accomplish. All I want is a job that would enable me to live with no worries and be financially independent and I want that job to be my passion. Simple as that. Humble, right?

People don’t like her for many reasons. Most of them derive from jealousy. I say you can’t please everyone. I like her and I respect her work and abilities. Can’t wait to see RZP season 3.


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