Get it made

Many fashion insiders keep a secret. It is the name of their tailor. The importance of having one is known to anyone who’s ever payed more attention to their style and looks. If you ever find a good tailor, make sure you stay in good relations to him/her cause he/she might just be your best fashion friend. The key to a perfect, polished style is a perfect fit, a good hem-line or a perfect flou (as the french would say). Even when you buy clothes, they don’t necessarily have to fit you perfectly – here’s where your tailor jumps in. Maybe your new trousers just need a bit of narrowing or widening or shortening or just a lower waist in order to look perfect on you. Or you found your mother’s long skirt and you want to make it a dress for you. Or you bought a great coat but you want it to follow your own body’s silhouette. Or you have an old blazer you’re thinking of cropping in order to make it more hip. There are numerous examples where a good tailor can come more than handy. If you’re not really a regular YSL’s, Prada’s, Chloe’s or Armani’s customer, you can have your tailor make you their beautiful clothes for a lower price. All you need are good materials and clear photos of the pieces you want (like the ones below). You should ask around if you still haven’t got a tailor – make it a NY’s resolution.

I’ve recently had my tailor re-do 7 items that I’ve kept in a box for several years. I figured I had all these cool stuff I wasn’t wearing for different reasons, so why not moderate them a bit so I could start wearing them. I just took them to my tailor and we re-engineered them a bit. Now I have new fresh pieces and am thinking of doing some more stuff like that.

There is one other thing I want to recommend. Find someone who knits. I personally love heavy chunky knitwear but it comes rather expensive in stores. Specially the high fashion stuff I like best. My solution is to buy good wool, print some pictures of the wanted sweater/cardigan and give it to this lady I know who knits. She does wonders and for much lower price than the originals. Plus, you can rarely find real wool pieces in stores, their knitwear is mostly acrylic or cotton. Don’t dispar if you can’t get the originals, use your imagination and your resources and make yourself a new wardrobe if you can’t buy it. 

photos:, Stefanel, Sartorialist, fashiongonerogue


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