haute quality

There are many, many street-style blogs I follow and read searching for inspiration and new, cool looks. It is sometimes shocking for me to see how freely “real” people in several European capitals dress. Their imagination has no boundaries and they obviously don’t want to blend in. Sometimes I wonder what does it depend on and I’m sure that the city itself influences people’s style in many ways. I have noticed that Scandinavians lead the way in the category of trendsetting and creating crazy looks no one has ever thought of before. After the long exposure to their photos as well as many photos of the stylish individuals in 4 major fashion metropolis, I have come to the sad conclusion that Zagreb (my hometown) is a fashion-boring, or better say, fashion-ignorant city.

For some longer period of time, most important thing in our street fashion were BRANDS and big LOGOS. The expensive brands were and still are the it-thing. People often check you out trying to figure out whether you’re dressed in more expensive goods than them. Blah! And the worse in my opinion is that the majority of really young girls, like teens, are going for quantity instead of quality. Since most of them can’t afford a full set of trendy and expensive clothes, they go for cheaper versions of poor quality. They end up looking cheap and fake.

My philosophy (in everything in life from coffee to food to vacation) is to aim for quality. There is the misperception that quality must be very expensive or that the best thing must be the most expensive one. That is actually not true. Sometimes you pay more for the brand than for the quality. There are cheaper brands that offer excellent clothes and are not as expensive as the high fashion brands. I have found several brands that offer well made clothes that are in my price range and I choose pieces because of their quality, not a low price. A closet full of loads of bad clothes sometimes become closets that don’t offer a decent thing to wear. Quality items can be recycled season after season and that is my point.  

We often want ALL and we want it NOW. When you’re 18 or 20 or 25, you can’t get it unless your family is wealthy. I myself prefer buying several good pieces each season building my wardrobe step by step (because I can’t afford more for now). The point is I use my resources to get good, well made products that will last longer and that will look classy and stylish even after 3-4 seasons. I don’t care for the clothes you wear 5 times, wash 2 and then toss them away. That is not a proper approach however you look at it – ecologically or financially.

photos: fashiongonerogue.com, stockholmstreetstyle


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