Jones, Sam Jones

Samantha Jones is in public mostly refered to as a character that’s done a lot for women’s sexual awareness and freedom. She epitomizes a confident cougar, sexually active persona who isn’t afraid of getting what she wants – good sex. And she really is all that. For me though, she is more of a style icon than a sex-revolutionary. When she’s not naked, she looks incredibly good. She looks fabulous, confident… In one word – stunning. Her style, her wardrobe (both created by Pat Fields) and her attitude are really eye-catching.

She is always in strong colors – red, magenta, blue, yellow… and she certainly knows how to give white outfits a glamorous touch. As a businesswoman, Samantha wears mostly office attire but in her mind, it is a completely different universe. There are no signs of boring black&gray suits in her closet. Her office looks are fresh, colorful and maybe a bit too sexy. I don’t think her dress code would be allowed in any “serious” firm but she can get away with it since she is her own boss!

Another cool thing about Samantha is that she almost never wears a bra. N-e-v-e-r. Since she always chooses a deeper cleavage, you can notice that she has nothing underneath her dresses or blazers. Pretty cool and risky for a woman in her late forties. True, her overall behaviour and look is very risky and unusual for a women her age but I think she pulls it off more than successfully (and again, anything is possible on TV). To be able to do so, she has to be in good shape – and by that I’m referring to her body. Since she’s fit and healthy, she can look great in tight and revealing clothes. That’s another reason why we should all pay more attention to exercise and physical activity.

To finish this post, I’d like to say that Samantha was my favourite SATC character from the start. I like her positive attitude, strength and style. The key in copying it isn’t so much in clothes but the way she wears and presents them. Power and almost aggressive confidence are what defines Samantha’s unique look. Each of the women in the series has a unique style and I like them all but Samantha’s has won me over long ago. Dressing the way she does, you will definitely be noticed and listened to. You will also probably be judged by the women who “are too serious to pay so much attention to the way they dress”. You might be called a whore, bitch, slut etc. That’s just how women are. Way too judgemental. If you’ve watched all the SATC episodes, you may have noticed that Samantha is indeed often judged for her behavior and her looks. She doesn’t pay attention to that kind of criticism but again, everything is possible on TV. In reality, there are not many Samanthas…



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