to fur or not to fur?

With the cold Winter days aproaching, one must ask the eternal question: to fur or not to fur? I’ve decided long ago that I will never wear real fur. Faux fur only. Luckily, faux fur is of great quality and resembles the real deal perfectly. Even though I resent killing cute little animals for our luxurious capes and coats, there is something quite enhancing in the real fur pieces. They look soooo fabulous and luxurious. They are a true sight for a fashion-sore eye. I cannot decide which item I like more… Long, warm black fur coats, stylish vests or shorter glamorous coats. Fur coat is definitely and item each woman should have in her closet to sum-up her cool evening look or lift-up her easy day look. But still, I find real fur cruel and too expensive. I don’t think we have the right to kill so many harmless animals just to feel warm or special. We’re not cavemen anymore. Faux fur today is in my opinion perfect solution to this dilemma. If Stella McCartney can rock it, so can anyone else. I agree with her on her green-eco-attitude. Even though people will still continue killing animals for fashion and many will continue buying the real fur items, I’m sticking to my decision. No more real fur.

Now that I’ve expressed clearly my thought on fur, I’d like to continue with some ideas on how to wear it. There are many options, from coats and capes to vests and accessories. Fur is indeed a luxurious material that adds a lot to any look. I prefer black fur because it projects a sort of powerful and serious attitude. I find white fur too shiny and brown fur too granny. Black fur resembles this mysterious, cool woman just as any black clothes give you a special – partly classic, partly serious – touch. I usually wear mostly black clothes as soon as temperatures drop in September. I cannot help myself, but I love black winter clothes (in Summer&Spring, I try to be a bit more colorful). Dark jeans, black tops, sheer black blouses, cool black tweed blazers, chunky black knittwear… and glamorous black fur. I DIE! Think black Hermes, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors or Salvatore Ferragamo… that’s my kind of black.

Back to fur. Another cool way to use faux fur is at home as a bed/couch cover or a warm blanket when lounging in front of TV or reading a book. Soooo warm and cozy. Try it out.


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