she rocks the jeans

I’ve already named Rihanna one of my fashion icons and inspirations. For this post I’ve chosen four jeans-outfits because she really knows how to style them up. Soooo cool. I love the accessory she uses. I must say that her hairdo does a lot for her overall impression. It definitely makes her look edgier and more r’n’r. I love that. Although she is far more extravagant on the stage, privately Rihanna wears cool wearable clothes. Her style is easily copy-pasted and is great for all occasions. I am lucky enough to have a slim figure so I can wear skinny jeans like hers on a daily basis. Skinnies and stilettos are a great choice whether you are going out for dinner, drinks with friends, or even for work if your office doesn’t require a classic suit.

Rihanna’s style is youthful but at the same time polished. It makes a good impression. Like, she is a lady but an edgy one. This kind of style is what I mostly practice at work. My firm doesn’t have a strict dress code so I can rock Rihanna’s ideas freely. I wear flats instead of heels since I spend a lot of time running around the office from one colleague to another. One day if I’ll be successful enough to have a driver to get me from home to the office in a car, I’ll certainly wear stilettos to work. No doubt about it. For now, I prefer ballerinas. And I can always hide my heels in my tote to switch them in case of an after-work happening.

What you need for this Rihanna’s look are really the basics. Good jeans, good stilettos, basic tee/blouse/top and some funky accessory. Scarfs, giant jewellery, shades, a clutch… Keep it cool, effortless and polished. These are also the things you might want to splurge on since you will probably end up wearing them on a daily basis (at least some of them). Basics should be of higher quality in order to indure repetitive washing and wearing. Same with shoes or the bag.



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