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Office attire is for me the ultimate feminine thing. The pencil skirt, almost a myth, for me is a key piece to this kind of wardrobe. To be a stylish businesswoman, all it takes is a perfect pencil skirt with a perfect fit. Even better if it is tailor-made so it fits woman’s body naturally. This kind of silhouette is my personal favorite day look. I just love the hourglass accent it gives to the body. Even for a person with narrow hips like me, a well made pencil skirt can make an illusion of curves. I love it. It accentuates the waist and makes me feel so irresistibly feminine. The pencil skirt is an office necessity.

It is best paired with sheer, see-through, chiffon blouses. As if the skirt wasn’t sexy enough. It might take your boss’s attention away from your work though. So don’t over-do the sexy. Pencil skirt can easily go day to night depending on your shoes and accessory. Once you find one that fits you perfectly, buy it and ran straight to your tailor. Have her make you a few more in different colors.

I unfortunately work in an office where the dress code is smart casual. None of the women there wear such combinations. I am, though. Every once in a while, I pull out my favourite skirt, pair it with a stylish blouse and get down to work. Office attire doesn’t have to be boring as many women think. There is much more than the gray and black suit. Buy several blouses in a bold color or interesting pattern. It freshens up the whole outfit. I don’t agree with a theory that women should wear dull clothes to the office so that men could take them seriously. That is just a bad alibi for not trying a bit harder.


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