Bold with a capital B!

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I have a serious addiction to fashion photography. Seriously. I am craving more and more editorials on a daily basis. I simply cannot resist the attraction of it. If the photo tells a story, has a cool background and shows beautiful clothes, I surrender. I mostly fall for BOLD clothes. By bold I mean strong colors, textures, patterns, mixtures, accents. Anything that screams HERE I AM to hypnotize you.

On a normal day I wear normal clothes. By normal I mean not bold. I mean classic, simple and clean pieces. But to be honest, I’d really like to walk around wearing animal print, maxi-this-and-maxi-that-clothes. Sequins. Patterns. Glitz. Since my wardrobe repertoire still hasn’t got much to offer in that department, I keep those kind of stuff for partying or fancier occasions. But I’m working on it. I’ve made a little decision to buy special and BOLD clothes from now on. I have all the basics and upgraded basics. Now it’s time to get the diva clothes. Cause we can all use some extra sparkle in our lives.


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