Who Do We Dress For??

By we, I mean women. Really, who do we dress for? Men or other women? Our potential lovers and boyfriends or the fierce competition of our own sex? Apart from the male designers, I notice that men have pretty different and blatantly simple taste in women’s clothes. As long as it is sexy, feminine, sensual but not unveiling too much, it is a jackpot. With female audience, criteria changes. We follow trends like maniacs and often dissect other ladies’ outfits to make sure we wear better, fancier, trendier or more expensive clothes. Pretty rough! On the other hand, for those who love dressing up and playing with style, men are like a blind audience. They will mostly never acknowledge the brilliance of a perfectly polished look. Women, on the other hand, will notice EVERYTHING. The cool accessories we use, latest trends we copied etc.

We often say that we dress for ourselves. Really? I am not so sure I would care much about looks if I was the only alive person on Earth. I do dress up partly for myself. That is because when I dress up and make an effort, people notice me and my confident attitude. They pay attention. They hear and see me. I have the power when powerfully dressed. I seduce when I dress sexy. I am taken seriously when I’m well dressed. So I do dress for myself, to make it a bit easier for myself in different situations. Would my boss hire me if I showed up on job interview in a slouchy outfit? No. There are many situations like this one when well-chosen clothes help create a certain vibe.

But more than for my boss or other ladies, I dress up for male attention. It certainly boosts self-esteem to see men turnaround and loose focus while talking to them. Clothes are a powerful weapon for women. You can ruin somebody’s day by being dressed better than they are. You can get people to listen to you and take you seriously by picking the best suitable combination. You can also raise eyebrows if your style pushes the average limits. You can feel and be powerful or sexy in the right pieces. All you have to do is pay attention, make an effort and be authentic.

photos: fashiongonerogue.com


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