In the  first post I’d like to reflect on a thought a famous italian designer shared in a book by Rachel Zoe. It was Donatella Versace answering the question about the meaning of glamour for her. In this short text she confessed that glamour is for her utterly important but also that she doesn’t define it with expensive things or spoiled lifestyle. Donatella says that for her, glamour is a feeling, a state of mind where you feel special or magnificent due to a perfect blow-dry, good massage or a luxury of spending time with dear friends at a party or a dinner. I agree. All those shiny things we can buy are great but don’t always guarantee us to feel glamorous. It comes from pleasing yourself and trying a bit harder at what you do so you could accomplish the feeling that this moment, this very day is special and remembrable.

Many women choose comfort over a polished look. Who am I to judge, but every day should be a special day. Every day should be an opportunity for us to make ourselves feel glamorous and attention worthy. We shouldn’t spare the silk panties and best jewellery for rare occasions. We should put them on every day and strout along the way to work or a bar. That is a philosophy I like. Making myself feel glamorous everyday. And no, I don’t have expensive clothes that make it easy for me to do it. But I try a bit harder when getting ready to go out whether it is to the office or to meet my friends. Just those 20 additional minutes can make the difference. The difference big enough to make you walk more secure and proud. To turn heads and to receive compliments.

Donatella is right. A woman with style and polished look gets more respect and attention than a woman in a bad tee or sweatpants. It is the sad, ugly and total truth. But striving for attention is not the key to happiness and content. Love yourself, make yourself happy, learn how to please your inner goddess and do what it takes to feel glamorous.


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